Come and experience every season’s charm…*

The Mid-Pyrenees enjoy on average 300 days and 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest regions in France. 60 to 80 days of temperatures more   than 25 °C (77 °F) a year are no exception in most parts of this area. Because of these pleasant temperatures, the Mid-Pyrenees can compete with the Mediterranean   coast and the Rhône valley. Spring arrives early and quickly feels like summer. This is the favourite season for cyclists and walkers. While the mountain peaks of   the Pyrenees are still covered in snow, the Gascogne hills welcome the first corn budding and the Tarn-et-Garonne orchards are coloured mauve. Between early April   and the end of June, the maximum average temperatures are between 16 and 24 °C (61 to 75 °F). July and August know a lot of sunny and warm days. Minimum average   temperatures are quite high, approximately 14°C in the early morning (55,5 to 59 °F). During the day, maximum temperatures reach on average between 26-28 °C   (79 to 82,5 °F), but the night air is pleasantly cool. Autumn often enjoys the warmth of an Indian summer, charming days under beautiful blue skies. Magnificent   September gives us maximum temperatures ranging between 21 and 25 °C (70 to 77 °F). Even in October, these mild temperatures continue, with maximum averages varying   between 16 and 19 °C (61 to 66 °F). Can you think of a better way of taking some days off? (while everyone else is working hard…)

  * Source: Météo France